Bridges to Breakers - Presented by The Harrington Family Foundation

Due to a conflict of dates, Bridges to Breakers has been postponed until 2017.
We look forward to seeing you next year!


Three summers ago Joey Harrington was hit by a car while riding his bike on the streets of Portland. The Harrington Family Foundation would like to channel the attention from this crash to create safer streets for bicyclists through education with the aim of reducing and prevent- ing injuries to children. The significance of the issue has inspired the Harrington Family Foundation to organize a signature event that raises both awareness and funds for bicycle safety.

Start and Finish:

The 100 mile ride will begin in St. Johns at the McMenamins from 7:00-8:00AM. We will ride over the St. John bridge and head west on HWY 30, towards the Oregon Coast to Gearhart, Oregon. There will be four rest stops approximately 20 miles apart between the start and finish that will provide food, water, bike repair and first aid resources. Security and police presence will ensure safety throughout the ride.

The ride will conclude at the McMenamins Sand Trap for a 'Beach Party Blast', which is located five miles north of Seaside along the Gearhart Golf Links, an 18-hole public golf course.

For those of you who want only a 50 mile bike ride, we will have a shorter route starting from the Birkenfield Country Store. This is our second rest stop and our lunch stop. Please let us know if you are interested in a shorter ride. Registration would start at 9:30am, and you would need to be on the course by 10:30am. For more information call Nancy Marshall at 503-929-9405

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Riding Route

Bridges to Breakers Route Map

Ride Elevation Map

Elevation Map
  1. Start out at Safeway, St. John’s.
  2. Turn LEFT out of the parking lot onto Ivanhoe.
  3. Veer LEFT to go onto the St. John’s Bridge (Philadelphia) (.1 miles)
  4. Turn RIGHT at the end of the bridge onto Bridge Avenue (.9)
  5. Veer LEFT onto Hwy. 30 (1.3)
  6. Turn LEFT onto Scappoose-Vernonia Rd. (15.23)
  7. Road follows past and over Scappoose Creek and Nahalem River)
  8. REST STOP at Chapman Road (22.53)
  9. Turn RIGHT onto Ore. Hwy. 47 towards Mist (35.36)
  10. HWY. 47 intersects with Ore. Hwy 202 (MP 46.83)
  11. LUNCH STOP at Birkenfield Country Store (52.03)
  12. Continue WEST on Hwy. 202, passing North Fork of Klaskanine River
  13. REST STOP at Sigfidson County Park (80.97)
  14. LEFT on Olney Road (81.88)
  15. LEFT on Young’s River Road (82.71)
  16. LEFT on Tucker Creek Lane (89.58)
  17. LEFT on Logan Road (91.31)
  18. Veer LEFT to continue on Lewis & Clark Road (93.81)
  19. Turn RIGHT onto Ore. Hwy. 101 (100.83)
  20. LEFT on Pacific (102.13)
  21. RIGHT on Marion (102.23)
  22. END at Gearhart Golf Club (102.43)

Number in parenthesis indicates mileage from the starting point


The Harrington Family Foundation is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization as described under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code therefore all monetary donations to HFF are tax-deductible.


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